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Windows CE Bomberman
welcome to flux
GNU Go for Pocket PC
Pocket PC Software and More
VOS PocketPC Homepage
Thumbs Up, Baby!
Scott's CE Applications
Kais Win-CE Software 2001
Leo's Software (Flight Simulator for CE and HP48CE emulator)
General Paranoyaxc Home
Wecome to HardCover Software
Peter's home
Pocket Engine
Spinbox by Skyline Network Technologies, Inc.
Upside Software  - Umsatzplanung, Sales Forecasting und Lead Management im Vertrieb für PCs und Pocket PCs
Yves Jeanrenaud Freeware für PocketPC
PHM Products for Pocket PC
DDH Software
Pocket Flight Sim
Ojster's World
Stellarmetrics Designed by
JabberCE - Instant Messaging for Windows CE
Peter's Web Site - Main
bubblets for windows ce by oopdreams software
Daniel Jackson - PocketPC Games
Peter's Page
Magenic Technologies Inc.


Windows CE - Home Page
WinCEarch - The first search engine dedicated to Microsoft Windows CE - the portal of Windows CE
Windows CE FAQ - Software
Windows CE Informationsforum
Accurite's CF-PCMCIA Expander


AvantGo Enterprise Products
BVRP Software - Innovative Communication Software - Die inoffizielle Windows CE und PocketPC Homepage
CEWire - Windows CE News & Information Source
Coach - Product Information
Developer One. Innovative Software for your Pocket PC, Handheld PC and Palm-size PC
Emerald Technology, Inc. Windows CE Products (FREE Trial Downloads)
Handango! - The largest handheld marketplace on the Internet
Handheld Connections
Handheld PC Magazine for Windows CE users -- Home Page - Das Windows CE Informationsforum
Infra Red Light Sabre Nokia 6110, Windows CE, IrDA, Operator Logo, Group Graphics, Ring Tones
iPAQ Images -- Put some Linux in your hand
Links ins Internet
Linux CE - Linux for Handheld Computers
Message Master for CE - baby-computer makes the world go round!
Microsoft Reader Home Page - Editing the Registry - Your No. 1 Resource for WindowsCE & GSM Links
MobilePlanet's CECentral
mobileXplorer - Mobile Commerce for Business Professionals
Padlock Plus, PadlockHack
POCKET PC magazine Online for Windows Powered Handheld and Pocket PCs
Startseite - Palmtop Magazin
Willkommen bei Derdack! Den SMS und WAP Spezialisten.
Willkommen bei 'World of CE', der größten deutschen Windows CE Seite
WinCEarch - The first search engine dedicated to Microsoft Windows CE
Windows CE Informationsforum
Windows CE On-Line Handheld PC, and Palm-size PC Software, News, Information and More...
Windows CE software - free shareware downloads.
Windows CE Software Website.
Windows CE Software
win-pro - Die Homepage des Dial-Assist - The Ultimate Resource for Everything Wired - PDAs, Handhelds, Laptops, Mobile Phones, etc.
X O O M . C O M
Xaudio - Multiplatform MP3 Playback Libraries


WinSock Version 2.0 Overview, Status and Pointers
WindowsCE programmingSamples
From Hello World to oRecordset.Open
Using AutoRun on the Pocket PC
Getting Started with the Game API
eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0
Windows CE Developers FAQ
Software 309 - ActiveX Controls for Windows CE
Palmware - The new dimension of handheld computing
Pocket Projects v2.0 - It's where Pocket PC Developers Collaborate!
Emwerks Home
Shadowgate Classic for Pocket PC, auf einen Blick Windows CE 3.0 Application Programming (With CD-ROM)
Designing Your Application’s User Interface
MSDN Online Windows Embedded Developer Center
Yves Jeanrenaud Freeware für PocketPC
pDiveLog - Windows CE dive log program
Pocket WinRay (Pocket PC)
SourceForge Project Info - JabberCE

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AL117 Entertainment
Jontelofot Mirrorsite hosted by Heavypress
Welcome to FreeDrive -
eGroups wince-warez
Free Downloads -
Tauschen - Pocket PC Software


Mobile Devices Downloads
Filmspeed PocketPC Fulllenth movies and trailers - Wireless Security Center - Performance Optimizer for Windows CE
Pocket PC Skins
pocketPCpassion - Homepage
What's New at CEWindows.NET!
Pocket PC Registry Tweaks
compaq iWorld - iCommunity
Palmtop German Dictionary
Peter's home - Everything, Pocket PC.
Servus bei
Yves Jeanrenaud Freeware für PocketPC
LudiPOCKET - le site des utilisateurs de Pocket PC
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MobiBook Web Site
CEGadgets - Gadgets for Developers Everywhere!
CompactFlash Association Homepage
Compaq Aero - Handhelds - Support
Die ersten Schritte mit der API für Spiele
Die PalmPilot-Power-CD - Tips & Tricks
Doom for Windows CE
Downloading VNC
Downloads für Palmtops und Organizer - Palmtop Magazin
Emerald Technology, Inc. Windows CE Products (FREE Trial Downloads)
Halo Data Devices -- Home Page
IBM Hard disk drives Products IBM family of Microdrives
Jimmy's Windows CE Software Home Page
Jontelofot's Direct Downloads
KPoole Software [handheld gaming for winCE and PalmOS]
Linux CE - Linux for Handheld Computers
Media Player FAQ's and Tips
Microsoft UpLink Home
Aero Advantage
HP Deutschland - Netzwerkprodukte - Drucken im Netzwerk
My Pocket Pc Software
Pagina nueva 2
PDA Resources -- it's all about portability... (your complete Pocket PC Resource)
Rainers Homepage
SnoopSoft Corporation - PocketPC Home Page
The Top 10 Windows CE Websites - The Premier Website for Visual C++-CE Developers
Web Workshop - Mobile Channels Welcome
Welcome to PhatWare Corporation
What's New at CEWindows.NET!
WinCE Dev Samples at conduits
WinCE Serials
Windows CE by Vello - Software for Windows CE
Windows CE Tech Journal
Proxy - Anonymous Proxys - Form2Mail - Mobile - Wetter
Startseite - Palmtop Magazin
WAP Forum
Microsoft Windows CE Toolkits Home Page
Pocket PC PocketPaks
Infra Red Light Sabre Nokia 6110, Windows CE, IrDA, Operator Logo, Group Graphics, Ring Tones
ce4you 100% Pocket PC & Windows CE
AtomFilms Get Into Our Shorts 08
pdamart The authoritative source for PDA information and products on the internet.
Pocket PC eStore - Pocket PC Software and More
WinCE General Networking
CNetX HandyZIP Home
Unwired-I.Net - Arne's Unwired Internet Diary - Entertainment and Multimedia for your CE-Device!
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